Traveling with kids


Traveling with kids is:

* To research for a nice beach, with shallow sea, lots of shade, so your child can enjoy the day with you. But when you get there, the kids hates the sand, the sun, the salty water, sheis hungry, sleepy, annoyed and asks to leave after 20 minutes. You, then, abort the beach mission and end up in a mini zoo – or nature reserve, whatever it’s called – somewhere far from them sea.

* To lose the bedtime PJ battle, when you want to dress your kid on a fresh sleveless top and shorts and she wants to wear a full long sleeve and trousers PJ (that you brought just in case…). and your husband, who didn’t bring his pj’s, refuses to turn the air con on, so you have a sweaty kid next to you, who needs to be undressed in the middle of the night.

* To look for local places to eat, pick one with healthy grilled fish and vegetables and all your kid want to eat is disgusting fried chicken that will make you sick. and of course your husband gets the oversized portion, with enough for lunch, dinner and breakfast!

* To go to a hotel without a bath tub or a hand shower and your kid hates having a shower. every day is a huge scandal, with lots of tears and screams. And the shampoo that says “no more tears” on the pack actually burns her eyes and bring her to even more tears.

* To carry a travel potty everywhere because your child – bless her – doesn’t pee in the water (swimming pool, sea or even shower). Best buy prize goes to travel potty.

* Half eay through the trip, all your kid can talk about is the nursery and all the stuff she does there, and how she will go home and put her coat/scarf/gloves/hat on to play in the garden. And we thinking that a week is not long enough…


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