52 objects: week 29 (very late)


What is it? My first car (the green one, a Nissan Micra, 1996, bought in 2008).

Where is it? In our parking spot at home (well, I hope it is still there)

Why it was chosen? Because this car represents a lot of things in my life. I don’t like cars, I don’t like driving. I got my driving license when I was 21, in Brazil, but NEVER owned a car or even drove.
When I moved to the UK, one of the conditions to be hired for my role at Nickelodeon was to have a driving license and own a car (just in case it was cheaper to drive than to catch a train to meetings Рbut because I live south and 99% of my meetings were north, it was always cheaper to go by train). I took some driving lessons, but I bought this car on ebay for £800 Рthe equivalent of 40 hours of lessons Рso I could practice.

What else? It’s old, it’s not reliable, but it served us well for several years. It took us as far as Liverpool and Sheffield, up north, southend-on-sea, in the east coast, and several trips to the south. We will keep it as long as it serves our purposes, which I’m hoping it will be for a few more years. I still don’t enjoy driving, in fact I hate it, but getting this car represented a barrier overtaken in life – I wasn’t going to let this fear control my life (and no, the job wasn’t that worth it; it was for me, not for the role).



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