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52 objects: week 33


What is it? My British passport

Where is it? In my documents folder (or with me if I’m travelling)

Why was it chosen? I’m Brazilian by birth (and heart), Portuguese by heritage (and necessity) and British by choice. These days I only use my British passport – it is widely accepted and I don’t need a visa to most places. It is just a passport, but it also symbolizes a choice I made, 7 years ago – I chose to come to the UK (or was the UK that chose me?), chose to stay, chose to call this place my home. And despite the shitty weather, I don’t regret my choices.

What else? We are all British in our household, but only my daughter was born in the UK (as will the second one).



Chicken pox, cold, back pain and not being able to tie the shoe laces


So it’s bank holiday today (and Monday), which is uhuu, great, of course. Four days to stay at home, just relaxing, watching TV, doing nothing. This week was another week of “milestones” (the word might be too strong).

I found Laura more… “mature”, her speech being clear and with a bunch of new words, she wasn’t necessarily shouting all the time, we had some decent conversations where she listened and answered accordingly – ok, before you think my nearly 3 year old is a nutsie, she is not, it’s just that usually she is very active, loud, sometimes too cheeky, and only listens when it’s convenient to listen, like every kids this age I know. Hence, my almost surprise to see such a huge difference on her behaviour, especially without ‘warning’.

While I’m writing this, I can hear hubby sneezing. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 sneezes in a row. Yes, he is getting ill. Typical for the time of the year – Spring? No, winter. Temperatures in Europe are still quite low and we have the extra add on called “wind”. Not fun. The British Summer Time starts this week but there’s no sign that we might even have a decent spring. Having said that, we had some sunshine today. Hurray.

Yes, I noticed a big red spot on Laura’s face. I thought it was something from the nursery, she is always with a scratch or a mark. Then the spot multiplied and became three on her face. This morning, as usual, hubby was with Laura so I could have a lie in (until 9am) and around lunch time it was his turn to have a nap. I had notices the red marks on her face in the morning, but it was only after she had her post lunch nap that I noticed more spots, on her neck, next to her ears, her belly. And her back, all covered. By the end of the day, when we were giving her a bath and spreading the lotion we bought to dry the spots, her body was completely covered, legs, feet, bum, underarms… I have never thought that chicken pox could spread that quickly!! I had it when I was seven and it was so embarrassing. I had less than 10 spots and that I was it. One or two on my face, the rest on my back. The teacher didn’t even believe it was chicken pox and I went to school throughout the disease. I guess I was lucky. Since Laura cannot go to the nursery until the spots dry out, and this can take a week, we are flying grandma from Romania to look after her for the next couple of weeks. Since I’m in my final weeks at work, I have so much to do that I cannot “afford” missing work. Not only that, but I could use a helping hand.

I’m way into my nesting period, but I can’t find the time to go wild and start cleaning the house and organising the whole thing. The will is there, the time, the energy and someone to be full time with Laura while this happens are not. All I can do is tidy up Laura’s mess, which is not the same. So fingers crossed in the next couple of weeks the house won’t be the mess it is now. Buni is arriving on Monday.

Tomorrow I’m reaching week 34. Another 6 weeks to go. Some people still think I am quite compact, which is probably true. From past experience, I know that by week 38 I will have a massive growth, but for now, I know I’m getting towards the limit as I can barely put my shoes on. I still can, but not without feeling a little bit of pain and almost throwing up. And of course it is a task that has to be accomplished in turns. If a few weeks ago I was getting breathless just by pushing the pushchair and trying to talk at the same time, now I get breathless just by leaving my bed. Even simple tasks like having a shower or cooking leave me short of breath. And I also started having strong back and joint pains, which isn’t funny at all. But everything is bearable because I know it’s the body getting ready of the big day. It’s all part of the show. May is just around the corner, but until then I have the whole of April to brave.

Wagamama, yummy yummy


So last week I was doing that A happy moment a day and I totally forgot about Friday – because Friday alone is already a big happy moment, right? But I had a highlight on that day; we had a team lunch (that has been postponed since November/December last year) and the chosen restaurant was Wagamama. I love Wagamama, although it is a funny place to eat.

First of all, you eat at communal tables, like a canteen. It is ok, who cares, but it’s not the type of experience that you would like to have all the time. It is also a very noisy place. But the food… hmmmmmm… yum… Let me confess one thing: since I tried the Chicken Katsu Curry, I never tried anything else again. This is what I ALWAYS have when I go there. Friends say there are other delicious dishes there, but do you know when you don’t want to risk getting something not as yummy as my fav dish. I also had a dessert (passion fruit cheesecake), which was good, but totally unnecessary.

I left the restaurant rolling (lack of internal space) but so happy.

I only remembered to take a photo half way through the meal. I was too hungry to think about it.


Baby bump: 33 weeks

Something I keep seeing on Facebook and receiving via email.

Something I keep seeing on Facebook and receiving via email.


Today I had an appointment with the midwife. Nothing special, she only checks urine sample, blood pressure and asks how I’m feeling. She also seemed to be concerned that I am working until the very end of my 3rd trimester (week 37) and even mentioned “you know that the baby can come by then, right?”. Right. But I also know that if the baby wants, she will come after week 40.

If you ask, I am feeling very tired already, but it is not just the pregnancy alone. It is the fact that I have Laura to look after and also I take her to the nursery and collect her every day – I never thought this was going to be a heavy workout for me, to the point that leaves me breathless. But it is not like I’m dying! It’s tough, but still doable. If this is still going to be the case in 4 weeks time, I don’t know.

She also told me off for missing an appointment, the one I was meant to have a blood test (week 28). She said that they worry about mums missing appointments because it means that we are not looking after ourselves. It’s true to certain extent. We’ve just been busy with holidays and work that I didn’t even remember to look in the book when the next appointment was due.

Baby has a very healthy heartbeat and is moving a lot. I still feel very sick and it doesn’t seem like it will change much until the end of the pregnancy. I haven’t put much weight in these 7 months (4kg – 9lbs in total) but mainly because I barely keep anything in my stomach. Luckily I was overweight before getting pregnant, so I’m just about right with my weight gain.

Other than that, I’ve been going mental with the mess in the house, but I don’t have the energy to do much – I have to say that I get overly annoyed that I am the only one in the house actually worrying about the mess and trying to do something about it. Laura, of course, couldn’t care less and her purpose in life to make the mess even messier. And daddy… well… he thinks that the house will magically get tidy, so he just sits and waits.

Baby 2 doesn’t have one single piece of clothes of her own. I haven’t even organised Laura’s old clothes – I’m waiting for my mum to come, as I need an extra pair of hands to look after Laura while I go through all the stuff. I also want to find some energy (because inspiration, I can find easily) to rearrange the girls bedroom. They will share it, but at the moment, it is very claustrophobic for one alone.

Nesting period without time, help and energy is not very productive.

Naughty cutsie Laura


Laura is nearly 3 years old. This stage is extremely funny – the things that she says and does either make me laugh or drive me nuts, but usually it’s more laughter, at least when I am in a “normal” mood.

She is a very messy girl – I guess all kids are – and very cheeky. The day before yesterday she made a huge mess in the living room and I didn’t tidy up. So when we got home yesterday, the mess was still there (of course). She went to the living room and came back to me in the hall and said, outraged: “mummy, look at this place, it’s a mess!!!!”. I was in shock for 1 second, then I saw the mess she was talking about and asked her “who made this mess?”. “Laula did”. At least she is honest (and to be fair, she also ‘helps’ tidying up).

Ages ago, I met this guy on the train. He was taking his two kids to the nursery, very close to Laura’s nursery. I met him a couple of times during that week and couldn’t resist telling he was my hero, I wished my husband would do the same. Of course he had to tell me that this was his wife’s job (why am I not surprised?) but she was away in business. A couple of weeks later, I saw his wife with the two kids getting on the same train as I was and I heard her speaking Portuguese to the kids. A Brazilian! Few days later, I saw her again and decided to talk to her. I told her the whole story and she was quite happy that she met another Brazilian in the area. We don’t normally catch the same train, but when we do, it’s always like we know each other for ages. People around us are not that happy – 3 very active children on the same carriage? Speaking a weird language? Geez, not good. But we are all apologetic and smiley and most of the passengers tend to either feel sorry for us or amused about the whole thing. I have to say that Laura tends to behave better when we are all together, so I might try to change my routine to catch the same train as them on the way back home.

When Laura wakes up, first thing she says is “I sleep well”. It started when we asked her “did you sleep well?” when she woke up, and now we don’t even have to ask, she just say it. Yesterday she slept in our bed and at 5:30am she woke me up with the usual “I sleep well”. Dudette, no! In this house we don’t wake up before 6am during weekdays and 7am on weekends. If you don’t want to sleep, you shush and let me sleep. That’s the rule. But of course she wouldn’t accept it. After a lot of crying, holding hands and milk, she finally went back to sleep and guess what?! Didn’t want to wake up when it was time to wake up.

She is fluent in English but has been mixing some words of Portuguese when talking to me. I have been talking to her in English more than I would liked to, but I can’t switch languages as quickly as before. With my mum here for a couple of month, I’m pretty sure she will pick up more and more Portuguese.

She loves: to dance, to tell stories, to listen to stories, to run, to eat (not necessarily good things), to be around people (although she is shy at first), to talk, to paint, pretty dresses, dolls and cars/trains, bikes, Curious George. I think she is a very clever girl – note that I am not saying that she is a genious, extremely intelligent, bla bla bla. I think she is clever and intelligent as kids at this age are. She doesn’t like: to wash her hair (it’s always a huge drama, with lots of tears), to be on her own downstairs in the evenings, to stay still, peas/corn.

She is becoming quite picky with the clothes she wears, which can be annoying. This morning she didn’t want to wear her usual pair of purple shoes, she complained that the trousers were too long and wouldn’t stop crying until we changed it, her top got wet when she was brushing her teeth and she wanted to change it no matter what. Lots of crying with it. But overall, she has been pretty easy to deal with this week. She seems more mature, do you know what I mean?

52 objects: week 32


What is it? Four wine glasses made of recycled bottles

Where did it come from? My friend Meytal gave them to us as a wedding gift. She got them at the Eden Project.

Why it was chosen? Because I love those glasses (I don’t drink wine, but they are great for any type of drink), I love the fact that they are recycled, I miss Meytal (she moved back to the US) and I love the memories of my wedding day.

What else? Can you see the shape of the upside down bottle with the actual bottom being used as base? I think it’s really simple and clever. Also, if you live in the UK or are planning a visit, you should definitely visit the Eden Project (and Devon/Cornwall).

DSC04139 DSC04141

Barbados: overview


This is the last post about Barbados, I promise. It is just to wrap up the whole thing.

We only spent a week, and this is not nearly time enough. When you start to get used to the place, the weather, the food, it’s time to go. One great thing that happened though – confirmed by another colleague that was in St. Lucia during the same period – is that time doesn’t fly, on the contrary.

Travelling with a nearly 3 years old child is fun but challenging and when pregnant with even more. And because she didn’t want to stay all the time at the beach or swimming pool, I didn’t enjoy the sea as much as I would like to, but hey, the weather was brilliant (and I miss it already)!

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