Romania – Part 3


I’ve finally downloaded the photos from the other camera so I can now share with you the final photos from our day trip around Maramures, in Transylvania/Romania.

Below: photos for the family – check out Laura showing off her purple nails!


Below: The Merry Cemetery. It has it’s name because of the colourful tombstones and funny descriptions/poems about the dead. There was one about a mother in law. I was going to summarise what was written in her tombstone, but I found the full translation (see below – source: Wikipedia).

There were some sad stories, especially involving kids and teenagers, but probably the message had some humour… The founder of the cemetery is also buried there. As you can see in one of the pictures below, the church was being refurbished, but it was open. I didn’t go in though.

I really like cemeteries and am always up to visit one, but I am a bit superstitious when it comes to disturbing the dead. I normally don’t touch anything, it gives me the creeps, but as you will also see in the pictures, my daughter completely ignored my requests not to touch the candles on the tombs (*sigh*).

Under this heavy cross
Lies my poor mother in-law
Three more days she would have lived
I would lie, and she would read (this cross).
You, who here are passing by
Not to wake her up please try
Cause’ if she comes back home
She’ll criticise me more.
But I’ll behave so well
That she’ll not return from hell.
Stay here, my dear mother in-law!

Merry Cemetery

Below are the photos from the Barsana Monastery; it is a very beautiful place on the top of a hill, with nice views. I would love to visit the place in summer, as I was freezing whenever we were on the shade (visiting the church, for example). There’s a small lake there and it was completely frozen! This monastery is part of UNESCO world patrimony, and it belongs to the Greek Orthodox Church, the main religion in Romania. I don’t know much about it, but it seems that instead of “nuns”, they have “women monks” and we saw a few there, dressed in black (I was expecting either brown or something brighter, like orange).

I was really impressed by the wood work of the region. I love wooden things and would love to have more wooden furniture (proper stuff, not “Ikea” wood) in our house, but carpenters in the UK are quite expensive (or maybe I’m the underpaid one).


Ok, it’s getting late now. I have a couple of things to do before going to bed, but I’m hoping to go to bed before midnight… I just wanted to post these photos before I forget.

Have a lovely rest of weekend!


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