How do women shop?


This video took forever to upload, so I have to post it today (I was planning to go to bed at 21h today!)

A demonstration in 4 minutes on how us, women, shop. I want this, and this, and this, and just this one too… And, lucky daddy, he will have 3 of us at home!!


Jokes aside, nah, Lady Mother here is very controlled and will make sure her little monsters will follow the same steps: controlled consumerism. Believe it or not, I’ve only seen this video today – it was recorded about 3 weeks ago? I love it – I wasn’t around (looking for other stuff) and when I got back, we had this basket full of stuff, daddy looking a bit desperate and Laura having loads of fun. It was a pain to put everything back on the shelves, but looking at this video now, it was totally worth it.


Quick funny things before I forget:

* Laura said never mind for the first time yesterday – at least that I’ve heard. I gave her a coin and she let it slip from her hand. I told her to be careful and she said, in a very sweet way: “oh, never mind, mummy, never mind”.

* Laura thinks that Guarana (Brazilian non-alcoholic fizzy drink) is beer. And now she thinks she likes beer. And wine. She asks for both (and of course we don’t give!)

* There a convenience shop (and a cafe) on the platform where we catch our train home and EVERY SINGLE DAY Laura asks me to buy chocolate-candy-crisps. I hate that place! Today she asked me: “mummy, give me some coins to buy potatoes. I’ll go quickly and be right back”. Give me some coins? Do you think I’m a bank?


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  1. hahaha fofíssima!
    Adorei a parte que seu marido tá falando pra ela colocar as coisas de volta e ela fala: this? e o seu marido: ok, just this one! hahaha

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