Today I had two great “discoveries”.

Firstly, I found a way to download the pictures from the iPhone to the computer without having to email one by one. Believe me, I searched ways to do that and all I got was either “email them”, or “do this and that on iTunes” which didn’t work for me. No damn USB cable to transfer the photos, nothing. Until Dropbox prompt me the message “do you want to upload your photos to your Dropbox account? Geez, yes – 1700 photos were uploaded in few minutes and I can now just download them ALL on to my laptop. You have to install Dropbox on your computer, though. And from what I noticed, the photos are only available on your computer’s Dropbox – not the online version. It doesn’t matter, as long as I don’t have to email 1700 photos, one by one.

The other thing was a post on that I thought it was the best thing I read about newborns. If you have kids, you probably came across loads of books teaching you how to breastfeed, put to sleep, bla bla. I have to confess that I never had patience for “let-me-show-you-how-it’s-done” books – I rather chat to people and hear their experiences and filter what might work or not, or go on a trial-and-error adventure than just read a book with a bunch of theories that can be hard to implement. I take a long time reading books and I prefer to use my time with other things (even if reading an interesting fiction book). In summary, what this post says is that the first 3 months of your newborn is equivalent to a 4th trimester in the womb. What do you do when the baby is in your womb? Nothing, you live – you keep yourself safe, healthy, and rested. And this is sort of all you should do for your newborn: feed them, keep them cozy, love them and just let it be. Don’t worry about spoiling him if you pick him when he cries, don’t worry about creating a bad habit if you let him sleep in your arms. You carried with you during the whole pregnancy, it should be the same during this period – he is still part of you. I would say that most mothers have this gut feeling of feed-on-demand, pick them up when they cry, etc, but they are told otherwise. And if you are are not sure about your motherly skills, you tend to say amen to whatever book you read. I go a bit further and say that the first 3 months are critical, but there’s no harm in following some of these tips for several months after that. Honestly, I can’t wait to do all again with little one nr 2!



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  1. This is great advice! I’m now 12 1/2 weeks preggo and was just about to buy a bunch of books – but you’re right! Who has time to read 7 pregnancy books in 7-months? Not me! I’ll maybe stick to one or two that stand out and go on-line to find the rest of my answers 🙂 thanks!

    • Some people don’t mind tons of books and reading them all – I’m sort of lazy and prefer to do other things. Then you can get quite paranoid and confused with so many different opinions. Follow your instincts and your heart – and there’s no formula when it comes to raising a child. I’m still learning new things with my first one and am sure it will be different with the second.

  2. Esse conselho e teoria do 4o trimestre é do Dr Karp do Happiest Baby on the Block, não é não? A gente usou muito os conselhos dele por aqui…pra Julia era o que funcionava melhor. Quando nasce a sua menininha? Não sabia que você estava grávida (vergonha!)!

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