Romania – part 2


We went on a day trip to other towns in Maramures. My in-laws live in Baia Mare and we drove all the way to Sighety Marmatiei, via a couple of other places. In the map below you can see Maramures highlighted, with another Romanian region – Satu Mare – on the left, more Romanian territory in the South and Ukraine on the north. Sighetu Marmatiei is right at the Ukrainian boarder and we could see a village when we were driving.

Screen shot 2013-02-17 at 20.08.25

Maramures is well-known for its wooden churches – apparently there are more than 100 wooden churches in the area, 8 of them considered World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Our first stop was the village of Surdesti to visit the tallest wooden church in the world. Apparently it was all built in wood, no metal was used, even the fastenings were made of wood.

The church doesn’t stay open all day long, and the brochure we had said we should call to arrange an appointment to open the church for visitors. We didn’t call and when we got there, we just looked for the priest who opened the place for us. It’s tiny and decorated with local arts and crafts.

This was the only church we visited (apart from a church in a monastery) but I could see several wooden churches on the way. Wooden gates are also very common in the area and they are beautifully carved.

Here are some photos:




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