Laura’s dictionary


We went for a walk at the Hayes Common and Laura pointed at something:

– Look. It’s a… it’s a… a… a… a… where’s the name? Dinosaur!


Quick stop at Halfords to get a new number plaque to our old Micra and Laura spotted a bicycle.

– I want to ride the bikicle.


Twisting words:

– Silt Bet – Seat belt

– Bair hand – hair band


Daddy: – I’m boiling.

Laura: – I’m boiling too.

Daddy: – I’m boiling hot.

Laura: – I’m boiling cold.


Learning English with daddy:

Laura: – I’m going on the goctor.

Daddy: – going TO the Doctor, Laura.

Laura: – I’m going TO the goctor. I’m going on the goctor to check my mouth and my ears.

Daddy: – going TO the Doctor – d-d-d-doctor

Laura: I’m going TO the d-d-d-goctor.


– Mummy, I lamb it! – after licking my face.

I speak mostly Portuguese to her, so lick is “lamber”. Sometimes she mixes Portuguese in the middle of English sentences (her main language) and very few people can understand what she says.



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