Expect the unexpected


Do you know those days that start a bit wrong and you think you shouldn’t have left your bed? I thought today was one of those.

I’ve been extra tired because of the combination of pregnancy+commute+work+winter+allergy+laura-not-happy-about-the-dummy-free-process, and for two days in a row, I went to be with a very annoying headache. Yesterday I had to take pain killers twice, because I just couldn’t sleep with all the back-neck-head pain. So, by the time the alarm went off this morning, I was wishing it was snowing heavily, a meteor was hitting London, the trains were on strike, or it was all a dream and my name was Anna and I lived in Australia and sold coconut water by the beach.

Since none of these happened, I had to get on with the morning routine, get ready, and leave. Laura was slower than usual, not wanting to cooperate much with us, we had to leave the house in a hurry, nearly missed the train and half way to the station I realise that I forgot my mobile at home. No big deal, right? Right, if it wasn’t for the fact that every single day, religiously, Laura likes to watch a bit of Tom and Jerry or Pink Panther or whatever on the way to the nursery and back. It’s also a “dummy”, do you know what I mean? No dummy + no phone = chaotic journey. At least I said out loud in the car that I forgot the phone and she was all “oh no, mummy”. As soon as we got on the train, I hear a “Tom and Jerry?”. “No, dear, mummy forgot the phone, remember?”. “Do you have daddy’s phone?”. “Nopes”. But guess what we had? Her super doctor set bag she got from the fairies! Phew. We had some fun with that. Then I also had a book, Simon’s Cat, black and white, that she uses as a colour in book (it’s not a kids’ book) and some crayons, and we also had fun with that. Honestly, one the easiest commutes so far. Of course she didn’t want to go in the pushchair to leave the train, but we managed between the two of us and a little help of a stranger to get off the train out of the pushchair. On the way to the nursery, one of Laura’s friends spotted her (it’s the green pushchair, I bet, the only one in the whole of London) from the other side of the road and shouted her name until her mum actually caught up with us. It was so easy to go to the nursery – Laura was over the moon, laughing and excited to have her friend arriving with her, she didn’t even look back to say goodbye when I was leaving.

It’s amazing how the easy commute and drop off made me feel lighter at work. Despite a minor incident when I picked her up at the nursery – she didn’t want to leave, a little tantrum that made me worry for 2 minutes. The way back wasn’t too bad, Laura was great (thanks to the bottle of milk that daddy suggested taking with me) and happy. Then, tcharan, the train decided to break down! We were stuck on the train for at least 30 minutes. Still Laura was great. She had a minor wee-wee emergency and the travel potty was finally put to use on the train – twice! We had to leave the train a few stops before ours and on the second train home, a lady showed me a pot with an orchid and asked if I liked it. And she gave it to me. Simple as that. Laura loved the flower, she carried it all the way home and kept saying “it’s bootifool, lemme smell it, hmmm, smell so good”.

So this was our Thursday: a happy and chatty girl, lots of laughter, several strangers smiling at us, helping us and even offering flowers. When we got home, daddy was outside waiting for us and helped with the pushchair (one of my daily exercises, I might right about it one day). And tomorrow is Friday, and is there a better day than Friday?!


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