On ice, football and countdowns


Apparently the temperature dropped again. We had a bit of snow falling yesterday and today, as I was leaving work, I was greeted by some ice stones and they weren’t the soft ones. Those little stones were falling quite hard and they hurt! Laura wanted to stay longer at the nursery, playing with the other kids, so when we left, it was gone, thankgoodness.

Laura was much better on the train going to work, but a little nightmare on the way home. Because I didn’t get her crisps, she went mad and screamed her lungs out for a big chunk of the trip home. Yes, she wanted crisps. Those extremely salty and oily potato chips that come in a bag. Healthy as poison. She loves them, but of course it’s not something that she has regularly. Her lips get all wrinkled with the amount of salt that thing has.

When daddy got home, she told him straight away: “Laura cried on the train.” When asked why, she replied “because Laura wanted potato”. Great reason for the scandal, eh, missy? At least she was the one who told daddy, not me.

Speaking of daddy, I think I won’t be very popular with him tonight. I left him upstairs to put Laura to bed – normally this is my job, I end up sleeping with her, which is bad but, since I’ve been so tired lately, is also good. Not today, though – I am too sick and have (another) killer headache. And here I am watching the match between England and Brazil (Brazil lost, by the way) while he is upstairs. And he is the football fan in the house. And he is more “English” than “Brazilian”.

I do need to sleep early tonight, because Laura is still waking up several times in the middle of the night (stupid dummy, if I may say) and I’m destroyed in the morning. Last night she woke up at 23.30, then at 2.30 and only went back to sleep properly at 4, then briefly woke up at 5, but I didn’t go to her bedroom. And the alarm went off at 6. Did I have a good night of sleep? Let’s say it has been like that for a while now.

And we fly to Romania this Saturday. We need to leave the house at 4am, something like that. In this cold. And we still have to pack. And I only have two trousers that fit and they are jeans, not really warm. Plus I need them to work, so I can’t pack until Friday and when am I going to wash them again? Am I stressed?! No, just tired.

To finish the post on a positive note, Laura found out, rather late I would say, that she can “charm” people by saying “I love you” to them. I love you too, baby girl, but no, you cannot have crips. And cannot have your dummy.

Another cute and funny moment from this dummy free process happened yesterday. She asked for her dummy, I said she was a big girl now. She replied: no, Laura is a small girl. With a kitten voice, almost meowing. And kept repeating “I’m a small girl” for about 10 minutes, all the way from the train to the nursery. So cute and heartbreaking, but no, you cannot have your dummy.

We’ve been encouraging her to do new things and things on her own. Change her clothes, brush her teeth, get in the bathtub, tidy up her mess, make toast… we are not that strict – I don’t see a problem in dressing and undressing her, but encouraging her to do these things helps her realise she is a big girl now. She doesn’t need nappies, dummies and soon will be able to find a job and pay for her toys.

Ok, better get going, I can’t stop yawning here. And if I’m boring myself, you, reader, whoever you are, must be asleep by now.


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  1. haha I didn’t sleep and read through the whole post 🙂
    Aliás, adoro seus posts, aqui e no blog em português. Sempre leio, mas não comento todas as vezes 🙂
    Adoro as histórias da Laura. Um dia hei de conhece-la 🙂
    Beijos e boa viagem!! Aproveite por mim que estarei trabalhando 😦

    • Vai conhece-la sim! Vamos tentar marcar algo antes do final de abril, quando saio de licenca maternidade. Ou talvez voce tenha que ir a “Kent” nos visitar. 🙂 Ok, eh Bromley, ainda eh Londres…

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