Crossing the city to play and have lunch


Today I met with a couple of friends from my previous job, they both have girls same age as Laura.

We went to David Llods, a supergym/club/spa chain in the UK, which has a Indoor kids club. Not big, but it was alright for our girls. Since we used to meet quite often in my area (South East), we went to a branch in the South West.

Then we had lunch in a Korean restaurant not too far from there. It was my second Korean restaurant and Laura’s first one. I was surprised with the amount of food she ate, and how adventurous she was to try new flavours (some quite strong).

The girls had an amazing time, and despite the long drive I think it was good that I overcame my panic attack and went. I was (am) also in a terrible mood, which wasn’t great.

As soon as we got in the car for our journey back home, Laura slept. 30 minutes only. And din’t want to sleep at her normal bedtime hour. I could swear she was going to sleep earlier than usual. Hunf.

Laura having her first asian soup:20130127-214648.jpg
how cool are tgose chop sticks for kids?20130127-214702.jpg
eating lots of rice (she also had noodles and marinated beef anf other things I don’t know the name)20130127-214715.jpg
Group hug:20130127-214728.jpg


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