52 Objects: week 24


I think that, by the end of this project, I wilk realise either that I was born to be a housewife or that I don’t eat to survive, but survive to eat (or both).


what is it? The toaster
where is it? In the kitchen
why was it chosen? because i love toast (more than I like bread, if it makes sense. I remember when I was a kid, we didn’t have a toaster. The bread (normally french baguette) was toasted on the oven. It worked brilliantly, but it could take a while. If I had to do this today, I woukd definetely burn a lot of bread – one thing I DON’T like about cooking is having to keep a close eye on what is on the hob or in the oven. So a toaster is perfect for me – ours had a “heat” button, in case we forget the toast and don’t want to eat it cold.
what else? you can see it’s fulk of bread crumbs; we use it a lot and the photo was taken just after I made myself a couple of toasts for dinner.


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  1. In Brazil we didn’t use to have as much toast unless was winter and cold and nice. I remember it being on the top cupboard and only coming out at special occasions. The diet has stopped it now, but there were days when I used to have toasts everyday for brekkie! Have you seen the bags that makes sanduiches in them? They are awesome!!

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