Going viral


The internet is full of funny (and useless) videos. They won’t change our lives, but they will entertain us. Who doesn’t love a parody, a spoof, a piss-taking video? I do. I saw this one today and it made me giggle: Trolling Saruman.

And, of course, since we live in a commercial world, brands are always looking for ways to infiltrate in their consumers’ lives – and recruit new consumers – and get them to engage with their products (meaning: share their videos, spread the love).

The video below, “Bring it” by Paper Towel Gang is promoting Bounty’s product. The video is funny video and the song is catchy, but did it help sell more Bounty paper towel rolls? Critics say they targeted the wrong audience with this video and it’s basically a waste of their time and money.

And here is another funny commercial – relatively cheap to produce, free to air and bang on target.

Truth is channels like You Tube are the perfect broadcasters to achieve a huge audience without have to pay millions for the air time. But with millions of videos being uploaded all the time, it’s not easy to create an amazing piece and guarantee that it will become viral. This is a dream come true for any corporation – and loads of digital agencies are out there helping their clients to achieve that. Alternatively, check this out and learn how to make your video viral:

You might have seen all these before, but I only came across these recently and decided to share them here. I don’t have much time to browse the internet or check out all links shared by friends – as I said, these videos won’t change my life. But I like to find some interesting materials from time to time (for the sake of work mostly) and make my day a bit more interesting.


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  1. Hi Miss Lazy!

    It’s so rare to find a Brazilian mom blogging in English these days! Loved your blog and the description of yourself! 🙂

    Obrigada pelo comentário no meu blog! Irei te visitar mais vezes aqui!



    PS: muito engraçado esse ultimo video!!! 😀

    • Oi Luciana, escrevo em ingles que era para facilitar a vida dos amigos gringos (que nem sei se ainda leem este blog) e a familia do marido (apesar de romeno ser relativamente proximo do portugues). Cheio de erros, mas eh a vida, ne? 😉 Obrigada pela visita e pelo comentario.

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