Baby 2 on TV


Today Baby 2 showed her arm on national television, more specifically on This Morning show, ITV.

This is what happened: someone in production needed a pregnant woman to test a new portable ultrasound device (it’s a combo smartphone + handle + app) so you can see things such as… babies! I volunteered, because it was meant to be a recording in the morning and that was it. I had loads of work to do, couldn’t really afford being away for too long. Still the recording was delayed by 45 minutes. This is a thing about productions, you can’t control much, except when it is a live show.

If you don’t live in the UK or don’t watch TV, you might not know that This Morning is a live show. So what we were recording was just the image of the scan that was going to be on screen while the presenters chatted about the equipment.

After we finished recording, I was asked to be back later on to have another scan, this time standing up and live on stage!! What??!?!?! I wasn’t expecting that and got a bit shy. I was going to go if I could, but after I went back to my desk, I found out I had a meeting and several urgent things to finish before lunch time, so I had to pass. I had a mix of relief (I was scared of looking ridiculous on screen) and disappointment (I actually wanted to see how it would have been, my 15 seconds of fame).

Anyway, so I wasn’t on TV, but baby 2 had her 3 seconds of fame. Check out the video – filmed from ITV Player live this morning.


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  1. Lol!! That’s freaking cool. Do you know what would have been even better? If you could have kept the app!!! Baby #2 already a superstar!

    E o nome hein? Quando vem o post com a decisão sobre o nome da irmãzinha da Laura?!


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