Photos – for the family


I need to start taking for photos –
I don’t even know where my camera is!! If it wasn’t for the iPhone, we wouldn’t have any photos at all. I gave up taking photos of myself: too fat, too old, too ugly to even think of registering. Sorry, baby 2, all we have is a couple of (bad) bump photos.

Just wanted to share the juice fest we have been having on the weekends. Very healthy and very orange too – great to stain clothes. Hubby maked a jug with 5-6 glasses at once!

The juice maker is great but, boy, what a pain to wash all the parts!

Then a little “mummy” moment: I love her feet; they are so small and so cute, so chubby and so yummy!

The last two photos are of Laura and daddy saying “cheese” to the camera (then “pineapple”).







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