Weekends go to quickly and lately we’ve been spending a lot of time on house chores (today I spent most of the day cooking, doing the laundry, washing the dishes, trying not to make too much mess).

We try to divide and conquer when it comes to house tasks vs looking after Laura – if I’m cooking, Mr. C stays with Laura; if I’m with Laura, Mr. C does the dishes.   It seems obvious, but only now we managed to organise ourselves and work more as a team.

So on Saturday Mr. C suggested to watch a film – it’s been ages!! He chose “Looper”, with Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt. I have to say that I found it quite good – I wasn’t expecting much, which helps, but I thought it was a very good scifi film. We watched The Island (with Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johnansson) on TV and the later is pretty weak compared to Looper, in my modest opinion (I actually tried to watch the Island before and couldn’t, I was a bit bored).

I’m not going to write a review here before I’m not good at it and IMDB is here for it, so if you want to know more about the film, read here. One thing I will add though is that the kid is pretty spooky. In the very old days of my horror films addiction (until my 12’s), I would probably have dreams with this kid.

If there is something I really miss is watching films (well, I do miss going to the movies even more, but this is far too complicated), so I think we should make this part of our Saturday evenings routine.

Other than that, plans of going out were messed up – it was too cold (Laura has runny nose and we are traumatised since her last strong cold), too wet, I was too tired, lots of clothes to wash, and so on. Fingers crossed next one we can go somewhere nice.


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  1. Will keep an eye for when Looper comes in Sky 🙂 Didn’t know was a horror movie!
    And soooo glad you guys managed to align your routine, I am sure it makes a huge difference for you three!

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