We got home today and first thing that Laura saw was the watermelon in the kitchen.

– I want watermelon.

– We have to wait for daddy; mummy doesn’t know how to cut it. (*)

– Mummy, get a knife and cut if like this (showing with her hands how to cut a watermelon in half). Come, I’ll show you how. Where is the knife, get a knife and let me know you how.

I started laughing and was amused by being taught by my 2 year old how to cut a watermelon. We went to the kitchen, I got a knife and cut the watermelon in half. Laura was delighted and cheered: “yes, mummy, that’s right!”.

Being a parent is also about learning with your kids…


(*) I’m incompetent when it comes to cutting things. I cut myself and I’m scared of cutting myself. I don’t know how to peel off an orange, so basically buy tangerines instead. Such a loser…

The watermelon here (well, it’s imported, not “made in England”) has a very soft skin and is very easy to cut. I remember having a hard time cutting it in Brazil.


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  1. Aw how cute!! Love her independence, so little and so strong already, If was me at my age I would just tell mum, ok we wait for dad then, because thats what she told me to do!
    Congrats to you too conquering your fear in name of Laura! =)

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