Run, Forest, Run!


My quota of exercise in done for the week. I was waiting my usual train on the usual platform when 2 minutes before the train was due, an announcement said that there was a platform change.

Everybody started to run like crazy because we didn’t have much time. We had to go up a relatively steep way then down again and it was a shorter train than usual. While I was running, I had to explain to Laura what was going on, and the she started shouting: “run, mummy, the train is coming, now way, mummy, the train is going, faster mummy, come on mummy, the train, no way, oh dear mummy!!”.

I didn’t know if I should be thankful for the encouraging and supportive words or if I should be stressed with all the pressure. But Baby Two wasn’t very happy about it all and pushed me with some very heavy kicking.

Laura drawing – photo taken 2 minutes ago.



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