Routine is good, but boring too


I normally wait Mr. C to get home to start Laura’s bedtime routine. I’m usually quite tired and she is going through a phase that she is fighting hard against bedtime – especially bath time!

It’s actually quite funny – she watches a couple of episodes of our favourite cartoon, Curious George, and we tell her “this is your last episode and we are having a bath”. When the episode is nearly finishing, she gets ready… To get under the table and hide from us! Cheeky monkey!

On the train back home, we sat next to a guy, he was nice and wasn’t annoyed about Laura at all. Not to far from home, his mother got on the train and sat next to him and was delighted with Laura and making fun of her son for being nice to her. He then took a rubber glove, like the hospital ones, and made a balloon for Laura. She LOVED it. Then he gave her the second glove-balloon. She was over the moon!

Back to bedtime. Of course she didn’t want to go upstairs and have a bath. So I told her we were going to give the balloons a bath! She loved the idea and rushed upstairs. Then getting into the bath was easy, she washed the balloons while I washed her. The same when it was time to dry out and dress up.

We had lots of fun together, but of course she was having too much fun and didn’t want to go to bed. We also have bedtime stories or songs and she wanted to dance and jump and sing.

This is when the tough part of raising a child: imposing limits, knowing when to say “no” and “enough”, putting an end to the fun. And being gentle and explaining, not losing patience, not shouting, not getting stressed.

Laura is a great kid; she listens. She complains, but in general she obbeys us. She might fight a bit, not in a bad way. Yes, it’s tiring to fight the same battle every day, but we know it’s a phase and it is an amazing phase.

The cutie and the balloons in a sleeping bag (they look like cow’s tits):






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  1. Oh what a lovely day! Are the balloons still part of the routine? 🙂
    And couldn’t agree more, well done you guys for knowing to impose the routine, if Supernanny is right, it only takes a bit of time and soon she won’t be fightining it because is useless, so good luck!

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