So now we know!


Today we had our 2nd scan and all is great with the baby! That’s a relief for me as I can’t feel the baby properly ( not like it was with Laura, so I never know if it’s the baby moving or what).

We’re now 20 weeks + 5 days, so technically half way through (mind you, the pregnancy can last up to 44 weeks, although midwives and doctors insist they should go to 40). Bump is growing bigger, and so is baby. It’s so reassuring to know your child is healthy and you don’t have to worry about anything except be well, eat well, sleep well, and get ready for the big day!

And the other piece of news is that we are having another girl!!! Lots of people were betting it was a boy, for various reason – I had a dream it was a boy named Lucas, but I didn’t have a strong feeling about neither.

I was scared of having a boy – silly me, thinking that boys are more hard work than girls, too active for this lazy mother here, and not really sure how to do it. I would dread to be one of those mums who are very possessive and control freak about their son’s girlfriends, who try to be the one and only woman in their lives, etc. I know a few of those and it’s not good (real ones, not the jokey ones).

On the other hand, yes, there was the curiosity and wish of having a boy. And, yes, a boy would be very welcome and loved by all of us. Boy can be sweet, independent, clever, charming and very successful when they are men – nothing to do with the preconceptions we have about how men are (women also have some bad fame, so labels are not really good).

Because I have my little Laura, who is a dream come true child (with all naughtiness a healthy child at this age is entitled), my heart was very tempted on another girl. Several practical reasons as well, because Practical is my middle name: they can share the bedroom, I can keep Laura’s clothes feeling two drawers (would have to clear them if it was a boy), they can share toys, and – that’s a very big wish of mine – they will be best friends when they grow up! Sister and brother can be great friends as well, don’t get me wrong, but two sisters can share secrets, as can two brothers.

Anyway, we are happy with our 2nd angel and we will now think about names (girls names are easier for us).

Are we stopping at 2? I would like to say yes, but I don’t control the future and people do change their minds, don’t they? 🙂


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  1. YAY!! Que feliz amiga… eu sempre achei mais bonitinho dois meninos ou duas meninas. Acho que se tornam mais amigos (principalmente na infância) e no final das contas, sempre existe a possibilidade de tentar de novo (rs…)! Nem conheço Baby Laura e já tenho que me preparar pra conhecer outra Baby Girl!!! Saúde amiga, te amo!

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