Cooking, or something like that


I’m kinda new to Instagram, so not really sure if the photos I take are saved somewhere to be used here (as opposed to only being able to share on Twitter/Facebook/email). I’ll try to paste the link here and fingers crossed you can see them.

As I’m on holidays, I have been able to cook more. I’m not a great cook, but with a bit more time, I can plan what to do and put some effort and dedication to it – most of the time the food is pretty ok (as in NOT bad).

Today the menu was Prawn Yakisoba. Laura wasn’t impressed, but we kinda liked it. I had a bit of left over for dinner and it was even better than at lunch.

I also made chicken soup as Laura seems to love soup. And I tried an easy home made bread mix and it taste ok. Let’s see how it is tomorrow…

For tomorrow we will have a Brazilian lunch here at ours, with roast beef, rice, farofa, salad/veggies and a couple of deserts.

So I found a recipe of some red fruit desert on Facebook and used the cream (condensed milk, double cream and berries) for one of deserts. I have no idea where it went wrong, but the cream went really wrong. I was going to throw it away but decided to keep it in the fridge and try it tomorrow.

At least I have the pudim de leite condensado as an alternative. It is whiter than I like, but I’ve seen pictures and it is what it is.

Now let me go back to organising the house as at the moment it feels like we’ve been at war.


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  1. I think you are a great cook! Ta querendo confetti é? =)
    Adorei o yakisoba, parece de restaurante! Did the pudim de leite work? The ones I’ve seen here as never as firm!

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