New Year’s resolutions


We don’t have many plans for 2013, but the few we have are very important (to me, hopefully to all of us).

* Potty train Laura.This is long overdue. We kept trying and giving up because we thought she wasn’t ready (and we weren’t ready either). I’m totally up for letting the kids find their own time when it comes to big steps like that and I think we are getting it right now. Two days into it and “only” two accidents. We are not extremists and when we went out for lunch today, we put her nappies on. I have to say that I was very proud when she said she wanted to “xixi in the potty” (xixi = wee wee). The only problem is that she doesn’t like toilet seats, even if we hold her, so there’s no way (yet) to make her pee in a normal toilet seat. We now have a portable potty that is a potty AND a toilet seat top, and we will test it tomorrow. Overall we are very pleased with how things are going and the plan is that in January our little one is free from nappies for good (at least during the day).

* Be in control our finances. It shouldn’t be too complicated, but it’s something we haven’t been doing. And it’s only when you control your expenses that you realise how much money we waste. We want to travel more but we need to sort out this first. This is more important than ever since I’m going on maternity leave in April/May and this means no salary for a while – and extra expenses with the 2nd one.

* Travel more. And by more I mean have at least a couple of nice holidays a year – and I don’t mean visiting family in Romania and Brazil. This is probably a plan that will last only for the first half the year and will have to be revisited in 2014, but still… I think it’s the best resolution so far.

* (Try to) be more organised with life and plan my day and weeks in advance. For example: wake up 30 minutes earlier to get ready to work and take Laura to the nursery without having to rush like a mad woman not to lose my train. Plan what clothes to wear the night before. Plan the menu of the weekend with whatever food we have in the fridge/freezer. So basically try to anticipate issues and avoid headaches. This seems pretty obvious, but it’s something I totally don’t do and life is always a surprise – and sometimes a stressful mess.

That’s it. Simple, uh? I find them simple but very hard to start and keep up with, so wish me luck!



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