We didn’t do anything special for Christmas at our place. We had Christmas lunch at some friends’ house today, the 25th (I ate a little bit too much), and that was it. We were thinking about a Christmas Eve’s dinner at ours, but we weren’t really in the spirits and not really wanting to go through the trouble to cook a lot (and I was very sick so couldn’t even think about eating). Lili is still recovering from the cold that knocked all of us down, so she wasn’t also in the mood.

We did pretend that Santa came over to drop off the presents and that was the highlight of our Christmas. I took Laura to the kitchen with me while daddy brought her presents downstairs and pretended he was talking to Santa. Laura went mental when she realised that Santa was in our house and she was locked in the kitchen. She screamed for him, tried desperately to open the door and when she got out, Santa was gone. She was so excited but also so disappointed that broke our hearts, poor kid. I personally don’t know if I liked this approach or if I rather have daddy (or someone) dressed as Santa coming over for a while. THAT would have been fun; maybe for when the family is bigger.

Laura is too young to understand (and appreciate) big presents – she was happy opening a couple of presents and that was it. In the end, she left half of the presents behind and we saved them for today. There are still some to be opened. Note to self: we should leave expensive and big gifts for when she really cares about them.

Things I’ve learnt this Christmas: we don’t need much to have a nice evening – much food, many presents, lots of prep work. All we need are children around. They are the real Christmas spirit. Everything else is a bonus and shouldn’t be stressful and hard work.

P.S.: I forgot to take pictures (!!!) and the videos will be shared only with family, sorry!


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  1. Oh, did you celebrate on Xmas eve or morning (Brazilian or UK way)?
    Maybe next year you could dress Cipri up as we do in Brazil so she can actually see Santa, what about that? 🙂

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