It’s wrong, but it’s cute


Laura’s dictionary is full of mispronounced words, which I found super cute. Some of the very few I can remember are:

Bedoom – bedroom
Batoom – bathroom
Twousets – trousers (for Americans – pants)
Tchootain – Choo train
Coclat – chocolate (in portuguese she says cocolate)
Teliphone – telephone
Moonta – monster
Kimi Tee – Christmas Tree
Katina/Katinha/Kitina – Christina (aka mummy)
Nusewy – nursery

On the other hand, I was watching a video of Laura singing 5 little monkeys one of these day and comparing to how she sings it now, she has improved so much! The same for other songs like ABC, Old MacDonalds, Margery Daw, Humpty Dumpty, and others. And I finally understand the lyrics and meaning of the song Hello (posted here many months ago). I guess I have to get used to her daily improvements now. 🙂


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  1. Amiga, posso te dizer uma coisa? VocĂȘ Ă© uma mĂŁe incrĂ­vel!!! A percepção que vocĂȘ tem da Laura, a forma como vocĂȘ descreve as situaçÔes do dia a dia sĂŁo indĂ­cios inegĂĄveis de que vocĂȘ nĂŁo precisa se preocupar se vocĂȘ vai ser boa mĂŁe com 2 como vc Ă© boa com a Laura. VocĂȘ pode reproduzir a famĂ­lia Von Trapp e mesmo assim vocĂȘ vai se sair bem! BeijĂŁo 😉

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