My Xmas present has arrived!


So, our Xmas tree is not up yet – not my fault, I wanted to put it up last weekend, but husband thought it was too soon. Next weekend, perhaps.

We are not very Xmassy here and it will be the first time in several years that we will spend at home. We haven’t bought one single present for Laura yet – I have no idea what to get her. Books, maybe. She loves them. I need to clear her stuff before I get new ones in.

Laura doesn’t have a gift yet, but her mummy has one. Of course it is a gift from me to myself, because if I rely on “others” to get me something, I’ll probably get a bunch of flowers and chocolate and that’s it. It arrived today and I am so excited!! But it will be wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree, as it should be.

Here is a tip: it is one of the items from this post on Apartment Therapy.


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  1. Ok, did I tell you I asked Mr. W and his mum about when to put the tree and decoraions up? If not, it is the first week of December =) Used to be the week of Xmas in old times!!
    Was it Sillouette you got for Xmas??

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