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Cooking, or something like that


I’m kinda new to Instagram, so not really sure if the photos I take are saved somewhere to be used here (as opposed to only being able to share on Twitter/Facebook/email). I’ll try to paste the link here and fingers crossed you can see them.

As I’m on holidays, I have been able to cook more. I’m not a great cook, but with a bit more time, I can plan what to do and put some effort and dedication to it – most of the time the food is pretty ok (as in NOT bad).

Today the menu was Prawn Yakisoba. Laura wasn’t impressed, but we kinda liked it. I had a bit of left over for dinner and it was even better than at lunch.

I also made chicken soup as Laura seems to love soup. And I tried an easy home made bread mix and it taste ok. Let’s see how it is tomorrow…

For tomorrow we will have a Brazilian lunch here at ours, with roast beef, rice, farofa, salad/veggies and a couple of deserts.

So I found a recipe of some red fruit desert on Facebook and used the cream (condensed milk, double cream and berries) for one of deserts. I have no idea where it went wrong, but the cream went really wrong. I was going to throw it away but decided to keep it in the fridge and try it tomorrow.

At least I have the pudim de leite condensado as an alternative. It is whiter than I like, but I’ve seen pictures and it is what it is.

Now let me go back to organising the house as at the moment it feels like we’ve been at war.


52 objects: week 20


Wow, week 20! That also means that I’m half way through pregnancy.


what it is: a chalk board – it’s a sticker.

where it is: In the kitchen.

why it was chosen: I find it extremely useful for shopping list, notes, menu (as you can see), etc. Laura also likes to draw from time to time.

what else: Although this sticker does the job, I would like to, one day, paint this whole part of wall with the special chalk paint.

Happy 2013!


I’m not a Christmas person, but I love New Year! I love love love simply love the feeling of getting out with the old, bringing in the new. New possibilities, new opportunities to fix what is wrong, making better what has gone right. New new new, new is so good! New smells nice, feels right, is bright!

And I love looking back and looking ahead and I love all the planning. It’s true that I get tired of the new year pretty soon, and by March/April I had enough, but it doesn’t matter.

Of course the most important thing in 2012 is that we are alive, healthy and happy. Mr C and I have our jobs, which we sometimes complain about, but we like what we are doing and they pay the bills. We share dreams and plans and we want the best for both of us and for our kids. Laura is growing beautifully. They say time flies but I swear I am enjoying every moment of her development. We are not rushing her, we let her be and in return, she is… is growing up adorably. What else can I as for?

I do ask a lot though, but just because I love making plans. 🙂


So Laura is slowing getting rid of the nappies. I must say I was scared of this new step, but now that I am at home and can actually encourage her and clean after the mess, I’m enjoying it. It’s quite funny to see all the cheering whenever she pees in the potty. She is also having fun and this is such a big deal for her. From time to time we hear from her mouth “Laura is a big girl now”.

Today we heard for the first time “I can do it myself”. Myself wasn’t part of her vocabulary and we loved hearing it. She has a sense of self that grows by the day – more and more “Laula (sic) is/wants/does” is being replaced by “I am/want/do”. It’s just so amazing to experience this.

One of the things I am in love with at the moment is how she likes telling stories. She places the books like the ladies at the nursery do – facing “the audience” and starts telling her version. She starts with “Once upon a time”, which is more like “there’s a time” or something similar, and starts… every page starts with a “Then…”. It is the cutest thing EVER!!!

She is also in that phase of asking a lot, but all the questions are “what’s that?”. In some cases, she knows exactly what it is, but still she asks. Sometimes it can be annoying, but we try to make sure to always answer her questions. And sometimes we also ask her the same question to listen to her point of view.

Another super cute thing that I think I mentioned before: she doesn’t like anything anymore, she loves everything. She loves books, she loves potatoes, she loves painting, she loves olives, she loves computer, she loves supermarket, she loves lemonade,… and she loves some pretty strange things, like whatever new word she learns from asking the question I mention above (“beer”, “monster”, “bath”, “potty”, etc).

She loves all her new toys – and they are fun to play together too. She has been playing quite a lot with most of them, but it’s interesting to see how her favourite activity at the moment is painting. She loves it! I’m terrified that she might paint the wrong thing (TV, walls, carpet), but so far, all the damage has been mild.

She isn’t only a clever and cute little girl – she is so sweet. She has her tough moments, of course, but I can’t believe how lucky we are. For two days in a row she doesn’t want to have her afternoon nap (maybe because I don’t keep her tired enough) but she has been in the bedroom with us while we nap. No, she is not quiet all the time, but she is not noisy or annoying. She actually stays in bed for a long time, quietly waiting for time to wake up. Same in the mornings – we have been able to sleep until 8am or later just because she patiently waits until one of us go there (or when she has enough or is too hungry). Oh, and she doesn’t leave her bed to come to ours!! And she – most of the time – listens and obeys when we talk to her and give some instruction. Her naughty moments are perfectly normal and only drive us nuts when we are tired and worn down. Then again, anything can get to our nerves, right?


Not sure if I will post again until the end of year, so let me wish you all an amazing 2013 – may next year bring you lots of great moments! Keep your focus on things that really matters to you and your loved ones. It will be “another” year if you make it this way, but it can be “the” year if you want to. No pressure!

New Year’s resolutions


We don’t have many plans for 2013, but the few we have are very important (to me, hopefully to all of us).

* Potty train Laura.This is long overdue. We kept trying and giving up because we thought she wasn’t ready (and we weren’t ready either). I’m totally up for letting the kids find their own time when it comes to big steps like that and I think we are getting it right now. Two days into it and “only” two accidents. We are not extremists and when we went out for lunch today, we put her nappies on. I have to say that I was very proud when she said she wanted to “xixi in the potty” (xixi = wee wee). The only problem is that she doesn’t like toilet seats, even if we hold her, so there’s no way (yet) to make her pee in a normal toilet seat. We now have a portable potty that is a potty AND a toilet seat top, and we will test it tomorrow. Overall we are very pleased with how things are going and the plan is that in January our little one is free from nappies for good (at least during the day).

* Be in control our finances. It shouldn’t be too complicated, but it’s something we haven’t been doing. And it’s only when you control your expenses that you realise how much money we waste. We want to travel more but we need to sort out this first. This is more important than ever since I’m going on maternity leave in April/May and this means no salary for a while – and extra expenses with the 2nd one.

* Travel more. And by more I mean have at least a couple of nice holidays a year – and I don’t mean visiting family in Romania and Brazil. This is probably a plan that will last only for the first half the year and will have to be revisited in 2014, but still… I think it’s the best resolution so far.

* (Try to) be more organised with life and plan my day and weeks in advance. For example: wake up 30 minutes earlier to get ready to work and take Laura to the nursery without having to rush like a mad woman not to lose my train. Plan what clothes to wear the night before. Plan the menu of the weekend with whatever food we have in the fridge/freezer. So basically try to anticipate issues and avoid headaches. This seems pretty obvious, but it’s something I totally don’t do and life is always a surprise – and sometimes a stressful mess.

That’s it. Simple, uh? I find them simple but very hard to start and keep up with, so wish me luck!




We didn’t do anything special for Christmas at our place. We had Christmas lunch at some friends’ house today, the 25th (I ate a little bit too much), and that was it. We were thinking about a Christmas Eve’s dinner at ours, but we weren’t really in the spirits and not really wanting to go through the trouble to cook a lot (and I was very sick so couldn’t even think about eating). Lili is still recovering from the cold that knocked all of us down, so she wasn’t also in the mood.

We did pretend that Santa came over to drop off the presents and that was the highlight of our Christmas. I took Laura to the kitchen with me while daddy brought her presents downstairs and pretended he was talking to Santa. Laura went mental when she realised that Santa was in our house and she was locked in the kitchen. She screamed for him, tried desperately to open the door and when she got out, Santa was gone. She was so excited but also so disappointed that broke our hearts, poor kid. I personally don’t know if I liked this approach or if I rather have daddy (or someone) dressed as Santa coming over for a while. THAT would have been fun; maybe for when the family is bigger.

Laura is too young to understand (and appreciate) big presents – she was happy opening a couple of presents and that was it. In the end, she left half of the presents behind and we saved them for today. There are still some to be opened. Note to self: we should leave expensive and big gifts for when she really cares about them.

Things I’ve learnt this Christmas: we don’t need much to have a nice evening – much food, many presents, lots of prep work. All we need are children around. They are the real Christmas spirit. Everything else is a bonus and shouldn’t be stressful and hard work.

P.S.: I forgot to take pictures (!!!) and the videos will be shared only with family, sorry!

52 objects: week 19



what it is: our christmas tree
where it is: during the month of December, in our living room. It’s in the garage for the rest of the year.
what about it: I copied the post from Debora (in Portuguese), because I didn’t have the chance to think about an object. It’s the third year this tree is the symbol of our Christmas. And hopefully will be around for many years. The Xmas tree back at home last for several years (really, I’m talking about 30 years or more) and I think this is when a tree is more than a tree and becomes part of the family’s history (or story). It’s more than just a symbol, it’s the witness of a moment in our lives. I hope this tree lasts for many many years and sees many more Christmas and generations in our family.

Happy Christmas to you all!

Merry Christmas & a lovely 2013!


Since my daughter took over my laptop (she says its HERS) I haven’t had the chance to create stuff, like a Xmas card for example.

Soooo, no Xmas card this year, but lots of good wishes to all. Main wishes for 2013 are love, good health and patience, and time for yourself and your loved ones.

For those who went through tough times in 2012, I hope 2013 will be an easy year, with good news and lots of reasons to laugh and smile.

For those who had an amazing 2012, may 2013 be even better!

Enjoy your evening tonight if you celebrate Xmas eve and have a great day tomorrow.