Planning holidays


I have never enjoyed planning holidays. I rather find one website, put the info I require and done. But unfortunately prices vary so much that we need to do a lot of research before actually booking in order to save money.

We are struggling to find a place to go early next year – Mr. C wants to go skiing, I want to go somewhere sunny and warm. So instead of one, we will try to go on two trips, before baby 2 is born.

The idea is to spend a week somewhere like Slovakia (which is cheaper than Austria and France) and go for another week to Madeira.

We try not to repeat destinations, so Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Nice, Sardinia are out of the list for now. We’ve been to Greece, but not to the most popular islands – I would love to visit again. And we haven’t been to the Almafi Coast. Actually I haven’t been to loads of places yet and something tells me I won’t be in this life.

I hope it won’t be like last year that Mr. C was planning the ski trip just to find out that a week would cost over £1,000 per head. It doesn’t make any sense that I pay that much if I don’t even ski or enjoy the cold weather.


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