52 objects: week 15


Geez, I think I might be running out of objects. Yuk! The interesting thing about this project is that I now realise I am less attached to stuff than I thought.

I was thinking today “what would I take with me if I move tomorrow to somewhere really far away?”. And the scary answer is my husband and my daughter (and the bump, of course). Everything else we own, we can actually buy new in the new place. Of course, for the sake of saving money, I would take several things (especially my laptop). Then, thinking a bit more carefully, there are the items that are part of this project. Apart from my bed, I think I would like to take everything else I listed.

So, with this in mind, my new challenge for this project is to select something that I would actually take with me if I were to move far, far away.

So here is an item I wouldn’t probably take with me if I moved. TVs are getting cheaper every day and to be fair, I’m not a TV lover. Having said that, it is a key piece in our home.

  • What it is: A TV. or the only TV in the house (I know lots of people have have at least two.
  • Where it comes from: Amazon
  • Where it is: In the living room
  • Why it was chosen: Because there isn’t one single day that it is not on. I rarely watch it simply because I think it’s a waste of my time and nothing really interests me. But husband can live without me but not without the TV – he is one of those people that uses the TV to “feel the emptiness”, do you know what I mean?
  • What else: Little Laura is a great mix between mum and dad. She likes watching it, but can’t stay for too long without getting bored. And she can’t focus just on TV. Now, just so you don’t think I’m totally anti-TV (because I’m not), I like watching certain series and films, oh and Laura’s cartoons (I’m really into some of them). I don’t watch the news or BBC documentary (I couldn’t be bothered to watch the doc about Brazil). An finally: even if I luved on my own, I would have a big TV, which would probably be off 80% of the time, but it doesn’t matter.



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  1. Também estou running out de coisas pra mostrar! E me peguei pensando a mesma coisa: preciso de muito pouco! Ou melhor: tenho apego por poucas coisas materiais. Quando me mudei pra Londres, vim apenas com duas malas de 32 kg. Não trouxe nada além disso. Acho que daí já dá pra ver, né? haha

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