I don’t remember having cravings during Laura’s pregnancy. I do remember not enjoying coffee for a long time and not wanting to eat chicken for almost the whole pregnancy. Other than that, I was very very thirsty – I drank 1.5l of water in the middle of the night! – and had an extra dose of drinkable strawberry yogurt, this one here:

I use to keep a 600ml bottle by my bedside table, to drink in the middle of the night.

Second pregnancy is pretty different from the first one (apart from the fact that I was knackered during the first 3 months). I can’t eat much, as I carry on with my “morning” sickness. It’s quite annoying to not be able to eat in the afternoon and I had to cut dinner altogether. I do have some cravings though. Lately it has been the tuna+mayo+olive combo (I had once, got really sick, but the craving is over), bacon, cheese, nuts (salty cashew nuts). I’m back to enjoying orange juice – but it’s upsetting my stomach. Other than that, I eat everything and anything, but without any real desire. Yes, I do enjoy my lunch, but there isn’t a craving, if you know what I mean. And sometimes, when the smell of the food puts me off (currys, mainly), I end up having a ham-and-cheese baguette or panini for lunch.

I gave up weighing myself, I’m a bit scared of going through hell with all the sickness and in the end still be putting on weight (I wouldn’t be surprised).


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  1. Funny how the cravings work. Dada always said (and still says) he pits for the father of my child. I was always a big craver and can’t imagine this uped to the max during pregnancy! Hehe

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