Say what?!


So it seems, from night to day, Laura decided to form perfect phrases.

– where did daddy go?
– where did this come from?
– where’s the ladder to climb, climb, climb? (she means the steps she uses to climb on the kitchen top to search for goodies in the cupboard).
– mummy, Laura can’t reach it, it’s to high. Help me, please!
– oh, mummy, look, it’s YOU! (pointing at the photo on my pass – the surprise here is that she wouldn’t say YOU, she would say “it’s mummy”).
She also started saying “welcome” after we say thank you.

And the cutest of all is that she is so so so sociable with strangers. She chats, she plays, she says “thank you” and “sorry”, and the strangers love the attention.

This is probably boring for everybody else, but I can’t explain how amazing it is for a mother (parent, as I think daddy feels the same) to see her child developing so quickly.


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  1. Chris, lendo as coisas que vc posta sobre a Laura, me deu a maior vontade de conhece-la! haha
    Ela deve ser muito figura! 🙂
    beijos (pras 2, ops, 3, né? :))

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