Baby monster and mummy monster


Today I was talking to my boss about the challenging phase Laura is going through – the terrible twos. As I was talking, loads of things crossed my mind:

– the kid is 2 and a 1/2. How can I expect her to listen to me and do what she is asked if she is still learning? All I can do is continue teaching and explain the whys and why nots of things. But she won’t understand for a few years why she cannot have ice cream and chocolate everyday (although an adult can; shouldn’t, but can).

– I have my monster moments, why an’t she?

– she spends the whole day at the nursery, being estimulated by music, videos, books, kids, noises, toys, teachers… How can I expect her to dooze off and relax straight away and go to bed quietly? I am tired now and all I want is to sleep, but generally I want to be awake for a while and relax for the stressful day I had.

– it’s not because I AM tired, exhausted, frustrated, angry and with hormonal issues that I should blame her for being a child. This is a phase; all kids go through it – it’s hard but it’s part of being a child. And as a mother – and a mature adult – I have to understand that.

– the calmer the mother is, the easiest it is to deal with the child’s tantrums. Some times, just sometimes, it’s ok to let them win and have their ice cream (if you’ve seen the look and smile on my little monster’s face, you would understand it).

(P.S.: my boss didn’t help me to organise my thoughts – it tends to happen naturally, as I talk about things, like a therapy where you just talk and get to your own conclusions. You just pay the therapist to sit quietly and listen to you. I wasn’t paying for my boss’ time and she would be the crappiest shrink ever).


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