Laura’s stories


Little Laura is at a very interesting age… yes, she has been quite challenging, very naughty, sometimes extremely annoying, but she is so so so funny and smart! Let’s focus on the good bits, right?

Very polite

Daddy brings her milk in the morning
– Thank you, daddy!

Laura bumps into mummy with her bike
_ Solly (sorry), mummy!

Laura is watching the fireworks with daddy, it stops for a while
– More fireworks, please?


Mini Jonathan Woss

If you live in the UK, you probably know Jonathan Ross, the TV presenter, and you know we cannot pronounce the “r”. So, he says Jonathan Woss, Wabbit, pwogwamme, etc.

Laura is our mini Jonathan Woss.

– look, a wabbit!
– where’s the wemote?
– the wocket
– the wheels on the bus go wound and wound
– mummy, a waibow!
– this is Wobet (Robert).


New favourite expressions:

– Close your eyes. Sleep tight

– I’ll be back

– Oopsie Daisy

– Follow me. Show me (but she means “i’ll show you”)

– what’s that noisy (sic)?

– titoes (tip toe)

– bootiful (beautiful)

– help me

– ok?


Smart girl

– mummy, coli (in port = colo / cuddle or hold me/carry me)
– laura, mummy is sick, tummy is dodoi.

30 min later, in another occasion:
– mummy sick?
– yes
– belly dodoi?
– yes
– kiss kiss?
( laura kisses my belly)
– no more dodoi?
– no, mummy is ok now.
– coli!


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