New life


On the 6th of September, we found out that baby # 2 is on its way. As with baby # 1, we chose not to make a “public announcement” before the 12 week scan (I had it on the 7th Nov), just to make sure everything is 100% well with the pregnancy and baby. But I confess that keeping this secret for nearly 3 months is quite hard.

As with pregnancy #1, I feel exhausted, wanting to sleep all the time. But then there is a baby #1 that doesn’t let me. So in this sense, P-2 is being way tougher.

As with P-1, I’m feeling quite sick. I can’t drink coffee, the smell of it makes me want to throw up. But this time it’s worse – everything makes me sick and I throw up at least twice a day. I threw up a few times at work, from weeks 8-9 onwards. I can’t have any dinner or snack in the evening; I have lunch at 12-1pm and that’s about it – I feel stuffed and sick for the rest of the day.

Now, different to P-1, my mood is a rollercoaster. If before I was bubbly and happy (tired but happy), and glowing, my hair and skin were great, now I’m normally in a bad mood and sad. My hair, nails and skin are awful. I lose patience easily and little Laura’s naughtiness is driving me nuts!

And the tummy… Well, it’s huge! At nearly 3 months, it’s bigger than it was in P-1 around 6 months. But here is my guess: 1) everything I eat makes me bloated – then I throw up and the tummy is not as big. 2) I’m 10kg (1 stone and 1/2) more than this time during P-1.

So, if you ask me, no, I’m not delighted to be pregnant yet. Bring on the 2nd trimestre.

My bump at week 8.


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