Anxiety-mode on


Believe it or not, I’ve started the countdown to 2013 (I’m not going to mention the countdown to summer, because then it will be too obvious that I’m a ubber anxious person). Do you know that feeling of “I had enough”? If so, you might understand me when I say I had enough of 2012. It hasn’t been a bad year, not for me, at least. But it hasn’t been one of those years that I would say “I don’t want it to finish”.

Here is a very brief summary (= a summary of the summary?) of the year so far:

* Laura left the nursery in April

* Since then we have had visitors (in laws, mum, in laws, friend) around

* Very quick holidays – Cyprus and Brazil. Nothing else for the rest of the year.

* Testing new cleaners, not finding anyone really good

* Living a full year without a dishwasher

* One full year at work in September – boss left in April, colleague left in August, new boss in September. Ups and downs in terms of my love for work.

* Laura started the nursery very close to work. I started taking her with me, and collecting her at the end of the day. It last a month – I had to ask hubby’s help as it was a little bit too much to do both on my own.

* The weather was awful the whole year – very few warm days and mostly during the week, when I’m at work. Laura had two outdoor weekends throughout the whole year.

And the year is not even close to an end. I mean, there are two months and the end of the world ahead of us – lots can happen until then. I feel like starting my limbo period, which is something like “not quite there yet” – not ready to end the year, not ready to start a new year.


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