52 objects: week 12

  • What it is: My laptop
  • Where it comes from: It’s a MacBook, by Apple, bought by hubby from Amazon
  • Where it is: In the living room, but it really travels the house
  • Why it was chosen: Because I didn’t have the time to pick another object. The laptop would eventually show up here as I can’t leave without it.
  • What else: I have always been a PC, but always wanted to be a Mac. When I did my Masters, in 2005, I was working on Macs at the Uni and kinda liked them – ok, I never thought that they were as brilliant as Apple fans tend to say, but I had fun. My previous laptop was the cheapest Dell option I could find, back in 2005 (and it is still working fine!) and hubby gave me this one as a Christmas gift in 2010. Now I’m more of a Mac than a PC, as we were migrated to MacBooks at work as well.


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