Holidays seem a distant memory now


We got back almost 3 weeks ago and I feel like I need another break.

The older I get, the more certain I am I’ve got the wrong work-holiday balance. I should be working 25 days a year and holidaying the rest. That’s why I keep playing the lottery. Because being out of work with no income and bills to pay is not nice.

Anyhoo, this is not what this post is about (I don’t know what it is about to be honest), so here are some snippets of life since we are back:

* it’s getting colder and darker by the day.

* Laura has been on/off the terrible twos (maybe this is what they are about, mood swings). I think it’s hilarious how she tells me how naughty she’s been during the day:
– Laura, what did you do at the nursery?
– Laula pushed boy. Boy was sad.
– Really?! That’s not nice!
– Laula hug boy and boy happy!
(how can I put a straight face and say “it still not nice to push your friends?”)

– Laura, how was your day?
– Laula put nappie in floor. Nisa sad.
– oh no, this isn’t nice! Did you say sorry to Denisa?
Laula rushes to Denisa and says “Sorry, Nisa”, who doesn’t have a clue what is going on.

* Laura has had more chocolate than she is allowed (which is none). She has been putting tantrums to get chocolate. On the way back home all she could have was grapes.

* I’m back to exercising. Not easy, I confess, but poor Lili is suffering even more. She never had a personal trainer before, and mine is a nice person but not a nice trainer. Sometimes I wonder if she is alright and she knows her body limits – it won’t be good if she wounds herself.

* first halloween at home and I didn’t have any treats for the kids. Next year.

Below are two photos we’ve taken this evening:

Lili’s personal trainer!

Laura is a post-halloween costume. I’m so rubbish that I didn’t remember to dress her up for Halloween. Whatever.


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  1. Oi, adorei seu blog, também moro em Londres, tenho 28 anos e não vejo a hora de ter filhos, meu sonho. Sua filha é linda, uma graça parabéns.Me identifiquei com alguns de seus posts, muito legal, vou continuar te seguindo, bjos.

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