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52 objects: week 15


Geez, I think I might be running out of objects. Yuk! The interesting thing about this project is that I now realise I am less attached to stuff than I thought.

I was thinking today “what would I take with me if I move tomorrow to somewhere really far away?”. And the scary answer is my husband and my daughter (and the bump, of course). Everything else we own, we can actually buy new in the new place. Of course, for the sake of saving money, I would take several things (especially my laptop). Then, thinking a bit more carefully, there are the items that are part of this project. Apart from my bed, I think I would like to take everything else I listed.

So, with this in mind, my new challenge for this project is to select something that I would actually take with me if I were to move far, far away.

So here is an item I wouldn’t probably take with me if I moved. TVs are getting cheaper every day and to be fair, I’m not a TV lover. Having said that, it is a key piece in our home.

  • What it is: A TV. or the only TV in the house (I know lots of people have have at least two.
  • Where it comes from: Amazon
  • Where it is: In the living room
  • Why it was chosen: Because there isn’t one single day that it is not on. I rarely watch it simply because I think it’s a waste of my time and nothing really interests me. But husband can live without me but not without the TV – he is one of those people that uses the TV to “feel the emptiness”, do you know what I mean?
  • What else: Little Laura is a great mix between mum and dad. She likes watching it, but can’t stay for too long without getting bored. And she can’t focus just on TV. Now, just so you don’t think I’m totally anti-TV (because I’m not), I like watching certain series and films, oh and Laura’s cartoons (I’m really into some of them). I don’t watch the news or BBC documentary (I couldn’t be bothered to watch the doc about Brazil). An finally: even if I luved on my own, I would have a big TV, which would probably be off 80% of the time, but it doesn’t matter.



Almost 1am and I’m actually pretty sleepy


Not sure why I woke up and decided to check my work emails. Whattheheck?! Email from someone in the US chasing for a report that was due today – don’t you hate timezone and the fact that San Fran is 8 hours behind the UK? – and another email from someone in the sales team from my office chasing me to send it (I’m the only marketing person sending these reports, in all other offices is the sales person in charge of it. Fair? No, I don’t think so). I, as irritated as I was (still am), I sent a grumpy email to the sales person saying “sorry, too busy to chase (again – because I asked for the info yesterday) you to send me the info you want me to send out” and prepared a report with what I thought was useful to send to the San Fran person. Created from scratch, just to be able to send something.

I think this is one of the beauties of working with marketing. We become very good… information manipulators. Or storytellers, whichever sounds best. Anyway, I’m not happy about my job these days, very frustrated to be honest. It’s not what I signed up to do and not sure how to address this in a political way. I’ve tried to say and complain about certain things to the boss and all I got was “it is what it is” type of answer, which leads me to think that “it is either that or leave” option.

Annoying, isn’t it? Unfortunately it is too late to look for other jobs right now (I would, if I had the option).

Planning holidays


I have never enjoyed planning holidays. I rather find one website, put the info I require and done. But unfortunately prices vary so much that we need to do a lot of research before actually booking in order to save money.

We are struggling to find a place to go early next year – Mr. C wants to go skiing, I want to go somewhere sunny and warm. So instead of one, we will try to go on two trips, before baby 2 is born.

The idea is to spend a week somewhere like Slovakia (which is cheaper than Austria and France) and go for another week to Madeira.

We try not to repeat destinations, so Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Nice, Sardinia are out of the list for now. We’ve been to Greece, but not to the most popular islands – I would love to visit again. And we haven’t been to the Almafi Coast. Actually I haven’t been to loads of places yet and something tells me I won’t be in this life.

I hope it won’t be like last year that Mr. C was planning the ski trip just to find out that a week would cost over £1,000 per head. It doesn’t make any sense that I pay that much if I don’t even ski or enjoy the cold weather.



I don’t remember having cravings during Laura’s pregnancy. I do remember not enjoying coffee for a long time and not wanting to eat chicken for almost the whole pregnancy. Other than that, I was very very thirsty – I drank 1.5l of water in the middle of the night! – and had an extra dose of drinkable strawberry yogurt, this one here:

I use to keep a 600ml bottle by my bedside table, to drink in the middle of the night.

Second pregnancy is pretty different from the first one (apart from the fact that I was knackered during the first 3 months). I can’t eat much, as I carry on with my “morning” sickness. It’s quite annoying to not be able to eat in the afternoon and I had to cut dinner altogether. I do have some cravings though. Lately it has been the tuna+mayo+olive combo (I had once, got really sick, but the craving is over), bacon, cheese, nuts (salty cashew nuts). I’m back to enjoying orange juice – but it’s upsetting my stomach. Other than that, I eat everything and anything, but without any real desire. Yes, I do enjoy my lunch, but there isn’t a craving, if you know what I mean. And sometimes, when the smell of the food puts me off (currys, mainly), I end up having a ham-and-cheese baguette or panini for lunch.

I gave up weighing myself, I’m a bit scared of going through hell with all the sickness and in the end still be putting on weight (I wouldn’t be surprised).

Laura’s stories: snipets


Last weekend we went to a place called Malvern (famous for its volcanic water) and on the way back, after drinking loads, Laura touched her tummy and said:

– Mummy, look, Laura has baby in belly.

– No, you don’t.

– Yes, mummy, look. – And she lifted her top so I could see her bloated tummy. – Laura has a baby too.


When she is angry at us, she shouts “go away”. Yesterday she said “get out of here!”


When she wants our attention, she says non stop either “mummy, mummy, mummy” or “daddy, daddy, daddy”. Very… irritating. Today, she said “mummy, look at me”. Soooooo much better.


Little Laura is 2 years and a half today.

52 objects: week 14


This project is helping me keep track of my pregancy as well. I think (THINK) I’m on week 14 now.

Anyway, here it is, week 14, a bit late:

  • What it is: A compact make up kit
  • Where it comes from:I bought it at the train station (waterloo)
  • Where it is: In my drawer, at work.
  • Why it was chosen: Lack of option. Just kidding. I like make up: to own, not to wear. Apparently this is an American brand that is coming to Europe to compete with the likes of Mac (so says the sales person). I got it because it cost £20-something for a bunch of stuff. I gave almost everything as birthdays gifts to friends and family and only kept this one. It has lipstick, eye shadow, blush, foundation, mirrors, maskara, and it’s tiny. Perfect travel kit.
  • What else: I’m not a make up girl. Too lazy to put it on, too lazy to take it out, but it is handy to have a kit like that around. It saved me from having a horrid face in a couple of meetings.


Broken record


Laura is like a broken record. An annoying one.

– Mummy, where’s my dummy gone?

– Don’t know.

– Mummy, where’s my dummy gone?

– I.don’t.know.

– Mummy, where’s my dummy gone?

– Look for it.

– Mummy, where’s my dummy gone?

and it goes like that on and on and on. Until I decided to do the same:

– Laura, where’s your dummy gone?

She takes her finger to her chin, like she is thinking hard: – hmmmmm, it’s there somewhere.

– Laura, where’s your dummy gone?

– There somewhere.

And we can spend hours “playing” broken records, but I always give up before her.