Laura’s stories


Laura climbing on the coffee table to put her paintings on the high shelves:
Laura: Mummy, Laula on table, cleaning painting, up there.
Mummy: well done, but be careful.
L: Laula be “car-full”
M: Laura wants help? Mummy can take the painting to you.
L: No need, I’m fine, it’s all fine. Stay on sofa, mummy, Laula do it.

Little Miss Independent climbs up and down chairs and tables, being careful but not afraid.


Laura: Stopy, please?
Daddy: what?
Laura: Stopy!
Daddy: You want stopy?!
Daddy: Strawberry?
Laura: YES!

Laura: mummy, boucouto, please?
Me: Potato?
Laura: NOOOO, boucouto en cockete.
Me: ahm?
Laura: Cookie, mummy!
Me: Ah, biscoito (*)
Laura: YES!

(*) biscoito is biscuit/cookie in Portuguese.

She knows exactly what she means, although she cannot say it clearly. If we repeat what we hear and it isn’t what she meant, she gets very frustrated. If she knows the word in both Portuguese / English, she tries first in one language, than the other – it normally works. In her mind, we don’t understand because we don’t speak the language, not because she is saying it wrong.

We think it’s cute when is mispronounces words, but we always repeat the correct way. Some words, though, we make sure we correct her to avoid embarrassing moments.

Two of these words that spring to mind:
Cock – clock. She doesn’t get it right.
Fock – fork. British people say the “r” in words very subtly and Laura isn’t different. But in this case we try to emphasize the “r”.


One of these days when I picked her up at the nursery, she came over to me with a friend, Callum.

Laura: Mummy, this is Callum.
Mummy: Hi, Callum.
Laura: Callum, my mummy. Hug mummy! Mummy, hug Callum.

To be honest, Callum seemed like he could use a hug. The poor boy was pale, shy, a bit sad I would say. I thought it was so cute how she was willing to share the love of her mum with a friend.


This week I was wearing a maxi-dress I brought back from Brazil and Laura didn’t recognize me when I got to the nursery. I think she thought I was a random mum waving and smiling at her as she got all shy like she always is when a stranger makes contact.

Later on the train she touched the dress.
Laura: Pretty dress.
Mummy: Thanks, Laurinha
Laura: Linda, mummy linda. (*)

(*) beautiful

Everytime we dress Laura on new clothes, we always say how pretty the dress is and how beautiful she looks. So it was time Laura returned the compliment. As we can see, she learns fast. 😉 mummy loves it!


Some old photos, taken at the Airport in London, waiting for our flight to Brazil. There’s a Harrods mini shop there, with giant teddy bears at the entrance. Of course Laura loved them and spent hours running from one to another.

By the way, these are for sale, to those who have big houses.





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