Why London?


From time to time I have to remember myself why London. And here are the reasons of the moment:

1) Europe is central. Although not too close from Brazil, it is still the best place to be to make both side of the family happy. Unfortunately, my dad cannot visit me because of health problems, so I have to go back if I want to see him. My mum comes every year and my in-laws can come whenever they want as the flight is less than two three hours long.

2) Language barrier: yes, we could have chosen another country with a decent weather, but we are not in a position to learn a new language from scratch to be able to work.

3) Economy. Although the UK is not in it’s best shape, it is still one of the best countries in Europe to find good work. Add language + work + salary, and I rest my case.

4) We bought a house and we are still paying the mortgage. Although a house doesn’t attach anybody to a place, I do feel this way. For me, when you chose a family house and decide to buy it, it’s a long term commitment. If you have no plans to stay, to just rent and save money for something else. This is why I can’t get rid of my flat in Rio. It is my attachment to the city. Deep inside, I know that it is in Rio that I belong, even if just in my dreams. You know the cheesy “home is where the heart is”? There… my heart is in Rio.

5) Despite loving Rio more than words can express, I don’t feel I can go back there. Not yet, not for several years. The place is crazy expensive, good schools are only private ones (I can’t see why move from a city where public schools are good to a place where public schools aren’t and the private ones are so expensive – plus, there’s university as well, with very few public ones). It is just too expensive to raise a child in Rio.

6) Unfortunately husband doesn’t share with me my love for Australia, and migrating there is not an option.

7) We don’t have any desire to move to the US. Don’t get me wrong, I love going to the US, visiting it, but living there is something that doesn’t really attract us. I think there’s something about the European lifestyle that attracts me most.

8) Moving cities/countries/life is something that has to be agreed by the family as a whole, and needs to take into consideration all the needs of the family as a group and individuals as well. It seems that at the moment, I’m alone in my “I can’t leave here anymore” protest.

9) Normally I completely dislike the UK when winter is approaching, the days are darker and colder, everybody is in a bad mood, etc etc. I am not a winter person, will never be and have no interest in trying to be friends with it. And let’s be honest, London is not a pretty place in winter, unless it’s under snow. When summer comes (IF it ever comes that is), I’m a completely different person.

10) I’m not in a very positive, happy-happy-joy-joy phase, so everybody is blown out of proportion.


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