52 objects: weeks 8 and 9


* This week’s post is a bit of a cheat. I missed last week’s post due to lack of time, objects, inspiration and opportunity, so this is a two-in-one post, including two different “objects”, but around a similar topic. So this post covers 7th and 14th October – hopefully we will be back with normal posts from 21st Oct.

Tea set/ engagement gift

Dining & Tea set / wedding gift

  • What it is: Tea / Dining set – 2 different sets – the top one is just a tea set; the bottom one is a full tea-dining-desert set, with over 100 pieces
  • Where it comes from: The first was my parents’ engagement gift, the second was my parents’ wedding gift
  • Where it is: In a cupboard, in my mum’s house
  • Why it was chosen: I have enherited both – I told my mum ages ago I wanted them both. We are now trying to figure out how to send it to London. You can’t tell from the photos, but the tea cups in the first set is quite small, almost like a toy. I love it! The second one is normal size.
  • What else: My parents got married in 1969 (the engagement was before that, not sure when), so these sets old, my people. I love tea sets, always did. I hope that I can have a tea party when they get to London. Thing is: I have to either wait little Laura to be less wild or have an adults-only tea party.

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    • No, not yet – my mum might try to bring some this year, but it’s more than 100 pieces. She got a quote of $5,000 to fly them to the UK, which is totally no worth it. I’m really scared of breaking them. 😦

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