Yes, we arrived well, and all is good here. Little Laura is still jetlegged (waking up at 5.30 local time, going to bed sometimes 20, maybe later). We (Mr. C and I) are fighting against allergies and mosquitoes, I’m eating like there’s no tomorrow (feijoada – tick, BBQ rodizio – tick, moqueca – tick) and just putting on a lot of weight. Weatherwise is way colder than we expected, but at least the sun is shining.

The post from yesterday was programmed before I left the UK and because internet connection is not as available as in the UK (I’m not using the roaming on my mobile, therefore not using the iphone at all), posts might be slightly less frequent.

Laura is loving everything – she feels like home here, with grandparents, with Penha, with Bella (little dog whose name is actually Nenem). I think she loves the dog more than anything. Bizarelly she stopped saying doddy and now says goggy? Not sure why.

She is also loving the beach and playing in the sand. Foodwise, she is eating ok, not overly eating like mum and dad (which is good).

On the food from, if before I was used to be annoyed by the lack of diet and light options in the UK (the amount of 0% fat food is still very limited for my liking), now I’m annoyed by the lack of healthy food in Brazil. Ok, we have fresh juices available (SIY: squeeze-it-yourself), but the yogurts for kids are all full of crappiness: high in sugar and conservatives. There’s no option of pure milk-and-fruit yogurt, with no sugar added. And everything is so much sweeter and saltier that I remembered… I tried a Toddynho one of these days and yuk, couldn’t finish it. Things that were part of my history – nearly 30
years! – now don’t taste as nice as I remembered.

Today is my dad’s birthday and we will have lunch with him. At least this is the plan. My family is not very into plans, to be honest, and they keep changing plans last minute, which can drive the British side of the family (eeeerrrr, all of us) crazy.


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