What a long week!


How sad is it when you start the week thinking it’s Friday? This has been a loooooooooong week! No wonder I’m exhausted.

At least we had a break from the “terrible twos” and the train journeys have been quite enjoyable.

Today I was on my own for Laura’s bedtime routine and she was brilliant – and we both fell asleep in my bed, like in the good ol’days.

Some random photos with random stories, not necessarily from this week.

I went to Harrods for the first time a couple of weeks ago (i’ve been there before but it was too crowded and I couldn’t stan it) and fell in love with their miniature houses section. They are amazing! Some (bad) photos:


I also tried for the first time freshly made candy – still warn! Yummy!

Laura’s is perfecting her drawing skills. Can you see a face here? You should be able to see the head, the eyes, the hair and… The hands!

Laura found her 1st birthday favour cup with the photo of her wearing a birthday hat with a monkey on her shoulder. Of course she wanted the hat. She wanted it badly. Luckily I kept the hats from her bday (not sure why) and she was happy as Larry, as you can see. At least she didn’t ask for the monkey (or lion or giraffe).

From time to time our local supermarket has papayas from Brazil. Not a huge fan, but I get one when it’s the papaya season. This one was in the fridge for a month (!!!) and I thought it was good to bin, but to my surprise, it was even a bit hard. It didn’t taste of bad food, it just didn’t taste of anything. For £1.5 a unit, I was expecting a bit more.

And next Friday, people, we are flying to Brazil! The same Brazil that went through a heat wave this week, with temperatures soaring to an amazing 40 degrees (celsius, which is 104F) in winter!! I don’t expect to be that hot when we get there (I’m actually hoping it won’t be that bad, as I can’t cope with extreme heat), but at least sunny and around 28C? am I asking too much?


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