Hello people


One of Laura’s favourite activities is singing. And a 35 minute train journey is the perfect situation to practice, right?

I’ve noticed a new song in her repertoire, one i’ve never heard before, so I’m assuming is one she sings at the nursery.

I managed to film a little bit, quite at the end – and she wasn’t very happy to find out she was being filmed, as you can see.

The lyrics (most you cannot hear because I was too busy enjoying the singing) are like this:

Hello mummy
Hello daddy
Hello Laula
Nhem nhem (I need to find out what this bit is)
Hello moco (man)
Hello people
Hello tchu-train
Nhem nhem (sic)
Hello sun
Hello sun
Nhem nhem (sic)

She has been singing this on a daily basis and sometimes she adds new words, like colours and objects she sees on the way. Adorable!

Here is the link:

Laura singing Hello


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