The terrible twos


I thought I was lucky and Laura’s terrible twos were going to be a breeze. Yes, she had temper tantrums before, but they were totally manageable. Almost easy, I dare say. In some situations I remember looking in her eyes and explaining why she couldn’t have something or why she had to whatever and then offering an alternative, something nice to do afterwards, etc, and she would be ok.

Now… now… oh geez. Her tantrums can last for 30 minutes, with cries (screams) that would probably trigger the neighbours to call the police. And they are quite often as well. This “phase” started after grandparents left – or maybe we just started noticing it because we are on our own now? Hubby is way more patience than I am for this things, but equally he gives in whenever she screams. She can get a lot from him and no wonder why she calls for daddy when it’s just the two of us. If it is something I can be flexible, I will be flexible. But if it’s something that it has to be done – bath time, sleep time – not a chance. The worst scandals are the ones with no apparent reason – I bet that after 2 minutes of cry, not even Laura remembers why the heck she is screaming about. In these situations, we just let her be.

Sometimes I have to control not to laugh though, because it can be “amusing”. I think it’s bizarre how she screams to the point she is almost purple, saying “go away, mummy, go away”, but when I start asking her questions, she gets a bit confused and answers them, in between her cries. Today was one of those situations. She was EXHAUSTED from the nursery, so I took her for her bath time earlier – not a good idea. Screams, tears, slaps (she slapping me), go away, mummy, daddy-daddy, for half an hour. She was in the bathtub and the chat started:

Mummy: do you want your dummy?
Laura, very angry: No!
M: sure?
L, angry: no dummy.
M: Mummy is sad
L, angry: no sad
M: mummy doesn’t like when Laura is upset like that
L paying attention, but sobbing lot: no, no
M: do you want to come out?
L, upset, but not angry: No, no come out!
M: Are you cold?
L: No, cold. Mummy go away.
M: Ok, mummy will go.
L: no go!
M: Do you want the towel?
L, grabbing the towel: No towel, go away.
M: Laura wants chocolate?
L very puzzled, wanting to smile: no…
M: Laura wants ice cream?
L even more puzzled: no?

Then I took her out of the bathtub, against her will, more screams: dummy, dummy! Took her to my bed, still just wrapped on her towel, dummy, almost closing her eyes, I sang twinkle, twinkle, hugging her. I asked if she wanted to put the nappy – she said “yes, and clothes”. Laura wants to choose her clothes? Yes, jama (pyjama). Lots of kisses later and we were in good terms again.

It is “interesting” to see how these things work, but very tiring as well. Actually, it can be draining. But the most annoying part for me is that this phase seemed to start out of the blue, almost overnight. I’m glad it has a time to end, though.

1) it’s worth when she is tired, just like when she was a baby.
2) other than these tantrums, she is adorable and extremely funny – and a chatter box, her vocabulary has improved so much that I can’t believe my ears.
3) Despite extremely annoyed about the tantrums, very tired and sometimes sad, I find them (the tantrums) very… interesting. I feel like I’m learning a bit more about my daughter and her personality.


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