52 objects: week 4



  • What it is: Painting “Redencao”, by Rafael Lima.
  • Where it comes from: My brother painted it in 91/93. It is my favourite of his paintings and after he died, I inherited it.
  • Where it is: Until May 2012, it was in Brazil. It used to be in my flat in Rio until I moved, in 2005. My mum brought it but the airline broke the frame and I can’t hang it yet. It will be in our living room.
  • Why it was chosen: I have very few objects I really love – I can easily get rid of stuff – but this particular painting is one of the things I treasure the most in my life. I means a lot to me, always did.
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    1. Chris do céu! faz séculos que não passo por aqui! não tenho mais acompanhado nenhum blog amigo já faz um tempo – o meu mesmo, quando arrumo um tempo, sento, escrevo 10 posts e deixo agendado 🙂 Hoje tive uma meia horinha free então deu pra dar uma olhada overall pra matar a saudade e saber das novidades :).
      Ah, adorei a ideia desses posts semanais, acho que vou praticar no HS 🙂

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