My lovely Wednesday


I used to work from home on Wednesdays. Not anymore.

My Wednesdays used to be great. Today wasn’t different.

Dropping Laura off at the nursery was really painful. She cried, she sobbed, she attached to my neck, she almost begged “mummy, please, don’t leave me here”. I know that after 5 minutes she wouldn’t even remember me, but still…

I went for lunch with my friend Ruth and her daughter, who happens to be Laura’s BFF. 🙂 Laura didn’t go, which was good in some ways. I managed to play with Stina more than usual and eat my food peacefully. By the way, I had a gorgeous prawn risotto (at Strada).

Lunch helped the day go by really quickly and soon was time to pick Laura up – I got there just in time to see her “tasting” a bit of dirt from their garden. She was filthy! But she was happy, chatty and ready to leave the place.

We went to meet Ruth and Stina in Southbank, so the girls could play on the sand pit there. It was so amazing to see these two together. They have such a contagious laughter and are so happy with the simplest of the things.

The trip back home was also good, lots of sings and talking. But Laura was EXHAUSTED. she put on the biggest tantrum even when it was time to have a bath and only daddy could calm her down. I hope she sleeps well tonight.

So, today was just one of those days that feels like holiday.










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