Don’t you love long weekends?


Today is a bank holiday in the UK. These are rare, so we have to make the most of them. Actually, this is the last bank holiday until Christmas! Thank goodness I have holidays in October, otherwise I would go crazy.

I’m also working today. Right now I’m on a Skype call with the US, Canada and Russia. Great, uh?

Nevermind, we had an amazing weekend, despite the weather (not as bad as I expected).

Here is our weekend in pictures:


Getting ready to go out (shopping, having lunch)


Cutting the “Christmas” tree down. It’s leaves are too spiky and they hurt. It will be replaced by an apple tree.


The tree at the back is going away too!


Looking at replacing most of the trees with fruit trees.


The idea is to have all this area covered in colourful flowers.

The weekend has also seen some cooking. I’m on a diet and when I’m on a diet, I get anxious and when I get anxious I like to cook.


I baked a cake (below) – butter free as I don’t have butter (or margerine) at home. (that’s the second cake in 4 days, the first one was a cornflour cake). And I added a “brigadeiro” topping (condensed milk + chocolate).

It was quite popular – it didn’t even cool down and it’s half gone. Recipe later.


It wasn’t all about desserts; today we had spinash & pouched egg and gratin potatoes (with roasted chicken) for lunch. It was improvised but yummy. Gratin potatoes are pretty easy to make and are a great alternative to plain roast potatoes (careful if you are on a diet!).


Hope you all had great weekend and were up to something fun! Share if you dare. 😉


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