Pub lover


I love pub food (not sure since when, but I have a feeling that since I arrive in this country, almost 7 years ago). Of course, there are some really crappy pubs, but there are some pretty good ones as well. Pub food is English food as its best.

Now, here is a controversial statement: I love JD Wetherspoons, a chain of pubs in the UK. Although it is a chain, all their pubs have their own names and if it wasn’t for the banded menus and same food served, you wouldn’t even notice they are part of a chain. Some say it’s old men’s pub, some say it’s students-I-have-no-money pub. Truth is, old men like a pub at 10am, it just happens that a lot of them go to Wetherspoons, and Wetherspoons serves massive portions at very cheap honest prices.

We used to go a lot when we were childless, but we don’t have any very close to us now. Well, not extremely close, but we finally managed to visit one 10 minutes by car from us. It’s massive, new but has the same characteristics of other pubs of the chain: family area and a little library. The main problem for me is finding a dish tasty enough that fits my calorie intake. Boy, how their dishes are caloric! 1000 calories per dish in average. But they are smart and they want to please the crazy people on a diet (why would you go to a pub if you are on a diet? Oh, yes, to socialise, of course) and they highlight all dishes (apparently, over 50 – or 70?) under 700 calories. WOW. Their salads are under 400 calories (I’m not impressed), but they have other tastier stuff and if you plan your day ahead, you can even have chips for lunch. I had the combo ham-egg-chips and it satisfied my cravings for hearty (haha, I love this term…) comfort food.

So, if you are visiting London, don’t forget to check one of the JD Wetherspoons. The ones in central London are slightly more expensive, but they are still good food at an affordable price. Also, pub food can be a hit -and-miss, and I’ve tried loads of Wetherspoons and was disappointed only with one or two.

P.S.: This is not a gastro pub.


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