Laurinha’s stories



“Baby” Laura (I know she isn’t a baby, but she still seems a little baby to me) has some funny moments. I’m pretty sure most babies got through similar phases, because I read stories from friends with kids and even random people and I’m always thinking “Laura does that too”.

She is at the stage of pretending to sleep. One of the few early memories I have is pretending to be sleeping when my mum got home, and this was when I was only 2.

Not only she pretends to be sleeping, but also adds some snorring to it. Adorable.

Today she was singing Twinkle Twinkle little star (one of her favourite’s) and added “buni, buni in the sky”. Buni is granny for those not familiar with Romanian.

Another one of her favourite hits, Old Macdonald, got a new character today. Daddy always asks “and what does he have on his farm?” so she can choose what animal comes next. Her answer: apple. As usual, next question was “and what how does the apple do?”. Her answer: yam, yam, yam. Like he was chewing.

Speaking of Old Macdonal, we were talking about diet and food once and MacDonalds was mentioned. Immediately, she added “i-a-i-a-o”.

Laura doesn’t call herself ua-ua anymore. She is Lau-la.

And another cute little thing (one of millions, I can barely keep track) is when she crouches, hold her chicks between her hands, make a sad face and says “Laula is sad”. Just for fun.

Cute, but also a bit rude: when he shouts “Go away” to any of us. If before was “Stop!” with her finger pointed at us, now is Go away with an angry face and her hand blocking our way.

Rude, but cute: her mega burps post-milk. I can’t help but laugh. And because I laugh, she fakes another one. Only a child can make burping a cute funny thing, uh? Or maybe because I’m the mother…

New phases:

1) we removed one side of the cot and she now sleeps in a bed. A bit late, but let’s name and shame here: daddy was reluctant to move on to the next level.

2) Tuesday is her first day in the new nursery. Only one our, as it is settle in session. When I tell her he will start at school, she seems extremely excited. Let’s see how it’s going to be in real life.

That’s all ‘baby news’ for now, folks.


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