Sunday in Dover


We planned to go to Cantebury on Sunday, but since my in-laws have been there (Mr C and I haven’t though), we decided to go to Dover instead.

Another long way to get to the destination, over an hour, but little Laura behaved quite well on the way there. By the time we got there, she said ‘no more car’. Poor kid, had enough of the hot trip. Oh yes, the air con is not working and nobody does anything about it.

Dover is one of the accesses to the continent and on a bright day you might be able to spot France. We didn’t. It was cloudy, foggy and a tiny bit cold when we arrived, but it got better towards the afternoon.

We went straight to the castle, and left the cliffs for later. The castle is huge and on the top of the hill. It’s a nice place to go with older kids – they had some activities happening, and also some “actors” dressed in medieval costumes that interact with the visitors.

The king was in one of the rooms, where his throne is, answering the questions of the visitors – it was really funny and interesting, but not for Laura. She couldn’t understand what the guy was saying and she was hungry – so she started screaming “papa, cocoh [chicken], batata, potatoes, cocoh, and batata and potatoes”. So we had to leave.

There was nothing around, so we ended up in the restaurant of the castle. Unlike the pub we went in Hastings, the food was below average – and was expensive for what it was. There was limited option: Sunday carvery of beef, sausage or beans. The meat was hard, but Laura liked the sausages. It was actually the only thing she ate – didn’t even want the potatoes.

She liked to run around, climb the hill and all staircases, but was bored with the museum and more informative bits. We couldn’t see the whole place, as the pace with a 2 year old was quite slow, but overall I think Laura was brilliant the whole weekend.

Unfortunately we couldn’t stay longer and visit the cliffs because a due to a communication error, we only packed TWO nappies and OF COURSE Laura decided to poo FOUR times. Bless her.

So we cut our trip short and went to Tesco to buy an extra pack of nappies and decided to head back home. We were all exhausted.

Here is a photo of the little one, sending a kiss to all of you, and looking cute, despite the three pony tails (if they can be called that).


p.s.: more photos and info to come later.


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